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Our Services

We Amplify Our Clients Brand


Build The Identity - Step 1


Research and conceptualization begin as we build a synergistic approach to our clients brand image. Identify our client's goals and expectations.


Pre Production - Step 2


This is the step where the team and crew get together and layout our client's needs, goals and expectations. Planning is the key to flawless execution.


Content Production - Step 3


The magic begins when our client sees their vision come together. See their goals come to life and seeing the synergy of ideas being built.


Deliver and Launch - Step 4


Time for all the hard work and preparation to build this encompassing project come to life. This is where we deliver the product that our client needed to amplify their brand.

ROC Studios Full-Service Agency - How Can We Help?

Content Production

Our team at ROCS offer a full-service production crew to bring our client’s vision to life.  We are able to scale our crew and equipment to fit our client’s needs.

  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Aerial Imagery

Branding & Advertising

Team ROCS will create or modify our client’s brand image to fit their target audience.  The team at ROCS are here to tell our clients story the right way to the right people.

  • Brand Assets & Strategy
  • Market Research
  • Ad Messaging & Voice

Influencer Marketing

It has been known that influence marketing is a strong path to getting a client’s message heard.  ROCS offers a unique approach to help our clients reach their targets.

  • Social Media Takeover
  • Sponsored Blogs
  • Brand Ambassadors

Media Management

We help clients manage media assets & distribute them to the right channels, to ensure that content is seen by the right audience & is in tuned to achieve maximum results.

  • TVC Media Buy
  • Online Ad Spend Management
  • Print and OOH
Under One Roof

We Create Your Voice

As a full-service agency, we at ROCS aim to offer a variety of creative solutions for our client's without having to go through different agencies for a specific project. Our client base is as diverse as our capabilities, we are able to Research + Identify + Create + Deliver all under one roof.

Unique Experience

We Create Your Vision

ROCS team offers a unique experience by approaching a clients project with a fresh perspective. There is no one template for all, we dig deep on knowing what a client needs, to determine the goals and listen to what the client expectations are. We at ROCS are here to deliver and create our client's vision and grow with our client's success.



Creating Your Content


Key Component 1: This is the initial stage where we strategize, research and begin to map out the plans needed to create your content.


Branding Your Content


Key Component 2: This is where we give it the stamp of excellence, creating your identity that is synonymous with who you are as a brand.


Marketing Your Content


Key Component 3: This is when we let the world know who you are and what you are all about, the time to shine!

experts in the field

Studio Facility

We offer a 13,000sqft studio based in Orange County, CA U.S.A. – 2 different stages, including a full kitchen and a large syc-wall. If you have a commercial, editorial, film or just need a photography or videography space. ROC Studios is perfect for any size project.